Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked. However, if your question isn’t answered here, please either call or email us via the details on our Contact Page.

New reformed NPQs – Frequently Asked Questions following webinars.

Can you clarify that schools with SBS of under £3million also have access to the apprenticeship scheme?

If you are part of a MAT, then it is your MAT’s collective budget that qualifies. If an LA school, then contact them to apply from the LA Levy pot. Otherwise, the school may still be able to fund 95% through HMRC – contact us for further assistance.

Is there any additional work in doing the apprenticeship as well as the NPQs?

Yes. We will shortly have a prospectus which quantifies this.

Are all the NPQs covered under the apprenticeship scheme and therefore the Levy? Would it be better to go for a bursary or the apprenticeship to support funding?

Specialist NPQs and NPQSL can be combined with an Apprenticeship. The answer depends on whether you want the extended training, support and qualification from the Chartered Management Institute.

How do we find out if we are eligible for DfE funding? Is it simply 30 percent plus pupil premium

The DfE have recently announced extra funding under the catch-up programme. We are awaiting details and will publish these as soon as they are received.

Does it need to be the same person doing the NPQ and Apprenticeship as a large part of the NPQ work will also satisfy the Apprenticeship requirements?


When does the application window open please?

This is imminent. Let us have your email and we will send the form as soon as it is available.

How are the applications processed? is there a maximum amount of people or first come first served? Are places limited per NPQ programme?

We will assess your application to make sure that you are ready for the NPQ you have chosen. The system for allocating places nationally is quite complex : we anticipate being able to offer places to all who are eligible.

How many cohorts of each course do you envisage running each year, i.e. would it be possible to have someone on the November cohort of NPQLBC and then another one later on in the academic year? I am thinking particularly about cover implications for the school.

Yes. We anticipate two cohorts a year.

Where is the nearest ‘hub’ for Somerset? Would I need to travel to Devon for the in-person training?

We have previously run face-to-face sessions in Taunton and Bath. There will certainly be a session in Exeter. We will gather applications and choose the geographically most convenient location.

Do participants still need an in-school sponsor or mentor? If so what time commitment should they expect at each level of NPQ including training etc?

The role of the sponsor is to confirm your suitability for the course. There is no formal commitment beyond that for the sponsor.

Do you build a portfolio of evidence?

No. Assessment is through your participation throughout the course, and an assignment at the end. You will be given a case study, and a set time-frame to write your response.

Are there any details of how much extra work this would/is likely to be?

The time-commitment is on the website.

Do any of the different NPQs have significant content overlap? If so, in which way?

They all build from the Early Career Framework, so module coverage areas are similar. However, all the materials and content is different, as appropriate for the level of the NPQ.

Final Assessment FAQs

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